Technology Account Executive in Remote - Open to the USA at Vaco

Date Posted: 9/20/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Regional Director Job Description

We are hiring Regional Director for our client with extensive and consistent business-to-business sales experience to bring its "Biorisk Measurement and Containment" solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Your role is pivotal as we evolve from a transactional quote-and-close selling model to a solutions-oriented and value-driven approach, engaging with senior operational, legal, IT, risk/security and health/safety executives, focused on their buying process.

Together, we will create a company valued in the billions and leap-frog our slower, more established and complacent competitor that established the market. Despite their rich valuation (over $5 billion), our competitor is inattentive, out-of-touch and comfortable with long-term, predictable military contracts. The time is now.
The Opportunity

You stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars through an uncapped comp plan and ideally, much more in stock options in exchange for your contribution to our growth.

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  • Discussing strategic issues with C-level executives, by asking questions such as, "Why are you spending $40M protecting your employees from clicking on the wrong email, when it seems you're reluctant to spend $4M making sure they don't show up with a 104 degree fever?" and "Are you more afraid of a factory going off-line due to a COVID-19 contamination or a lawsuit from the widow of a worker, who sues you, claiming you didn't do enough to protect her husband?" (yes, these are actual questions.)

  • Being a natural self-starter who sets and executes priorities such as determining which Fortune 500 companies to call, how to manage expectations with prospects, build compelling business cases, create senses of urgency, accurately report close dates and manage expectations to ensure long-term customer success.

  • Taking and control and re-shaping the customer conversations. The procurement manager may want to discuss features and prices of thermal camera systems, but you know how to re-shape the conversation and explain that the prospect should be more concerned about lawsuits from employees who get sick at work and sue, claiming they didn't do enough to protect their workforce.

  • Working without a lot of resources. Our growth has been remarkable, up over 1500% year-over-year, so think about working at our company as changing engines on a 747 while we're at 35,000 feet. This means limited history and fewer resources. (If you're expecting a neatly typed report, listing company names and contacts of your installed base, this is probably not the job for you.)

  • Getting creative to solve problems and contribute to the good of the team. Say you're preparing a proposal for a pharmaceutical company and realize what you've written can help others, you're the type of person that will post it on the Google Drive as a "proposal template for life sciences" so other Regional Directors can use it.

  • Playing a team sport. In other words, you know that guardrails serve a purpose and that respecting process and policies are the only way to grow an organization. When a hot opportunity appears in your lead list and because it's across the river in your colleague's territory, you don't think twice to pass it off to that person. You know that sales is a team sport and if the guard can't shoot or the short-stop is kept from running, the team loses the game. You do the right thing to make the team win not just the game, but the season.

  • Selling the premium service/product. You don't compete on price; you compete by selling value. When customers push back on price, you don't think about discounts, you focus on the long-term measurable value of the solution. You're used to competing against alternatives on Amazon and more importantly, the competition of 'doing nothing.'


  • ● Hit the booking goal, measured in the sale of solutions, which includes camera systems, support services such as MSA's and cloud-based software subscriptions to Fortune 500 companies and other large accounts.

  • ● Own sales process from lead to closure for Fortune 500 accounts in your region.

  • ● Develop and execute comprehensive key account plans for accounts with strategic and commercial

    significance, including mapping decision-making process, identifying advocates and threats, expanding

    influence to support widespread adoption of solutions

* Build relationships and establish communications at executive levels in key accounts to understand

their needs.

  • ● Confirm and communicate the differentiated value of to the customer at both the technical and

    business level, including return-on-investment estimates.

  • ● Establish ability to deliver business value through reference and use case selling, and proof of

    concept engagements

  • ● Understand the formal and informal buying process in the customer's environment

  • ● Identify the customer approvers, decision makers, and influencers, and develop strategies for each to

    mitigate risk and increase deal confidence, helping your sponsor build consensus within the

    organization to support a purchase decision.

  • ● Manage the contract negotiation and closing process including negotiations, terms and conditions, and

    procurement activities

  • ● Develop a 3x-5x, 12 month pipeline of qualified opportunities to meet and exceed your quota targets

  • ● Use to maintain a current and accurate pipeline of your early stage, upside, and

    forecast deals

  • ● Consistently communicate with extended team around all aspects of account and opportunity


  • ● Review your opportunities on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis

  • ● Direct accountability to meet or exceed your quarterly and annual sales quota on a consistent basis

    Required Skills:

  • ● High level of enterprise solution sales experience; as an individual contributor/quota-carrying account executive with a demonstrated history to consistently meet or exceed performance targets by selling five- and six-figure transactions requiring approval from multiple stake-holders, including a compelling business case.

  • ● Demonstrated ability to build and manage customer executive relationships

  • ● Demonstrated ability to conform with the sales revenue process with accurate data inputs and high attention to detail.

  • ● Direct or indirect experience in imaging, security, thermal software, or demonstrated ability and background to communicate and position our technology

  • ● Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

    Corporate Values:

* We are a winning team. A team is stronger than one person, given the wisdom of groups. Team leaders need to incorporate ideas from team members, and sometimes navigate competing points of view. We only win when the team wins.

* We treat each other with respect. We recognize our differences (in feelings, rights, traditions, or achievements) create positive work environments and attract and retain high performers. We are exclusively focused on the business mission of ICI and believe that social and political opinions and agendas are best when expressed outside the office.

* We are candid in how we work together. Open and honest in discussions and dealings. Professional opinions can be shared freely, without concerns of politicking, retribution, or offense. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

* We rely on facts to make decisions. We use facts to guide decisions. Responsibility of team leaders to assemble the facts, to help others reach decisions, based on the facts. Gut or past experience can provide a starting point, but the ending point needs to be based on facts. Sometimes getting the facts take work, which is an expected part of good decision making.

* We strive to continuously improve. Successful companies can learn from the past, but should not be stuck in the past. Change is hard, though required to maintain relevance. Successful companies are constantly reassessing how to improve performance. If individual team members are not reassessing how to improve performance, they hold back the company from success.