Backend Python Engineer - Perm Nashville 130K in Nashville at Vaco

Date Posted: 7/1/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Are you interested in an opportunity focused on value delivery and innovation instead of
Do you proactively seek feedback from others for your own
Do you thrive in an environment of trust, transparency, and
experimentation rather than hierarchical command-and-control?

If you want to get out of your seat on the bus, climb into our boat, grab an oar, and help
us row: our team continuously seeks conversations with Software Engineers who
possess a growth mindset towards problem solving and balanced passions for both
delivering value and learning.

Currently, we're looking for engineers who bring background and experience in backend
API development (Python/Django), integrating AWS services(Lambda, DynamoDB,
etc.), and database development (PostgreSQL, Mongo, etc.).

But also, those who are willing & interested in participating with their team in the full value delivery chain.

These positions are located near Nashville, TN location and will partner on one of our valuefocused product development, implementation, or operations teams.

Expected Behaviors & Responsibilities (includes but is not limited to):
* Focused on helping their team achieve outcomes through strong participation in:
o Focus: Shared understanding of mission and intent
o Durability: Pulling work from the durable/visible backlog of valuable work
o Autonomy: Defensible decision-making partnerships and practices
o Flexibility: Shared understand of responsibilities required to accept the
team's mission and deliver full value
o Flow: Shared understanding of WIP limitations for concurrent activity
* Understand and align with ideas, responsibilities, and tasks that add value to
their team and the organization as a whole.
* Help to formulate and customize processes that aid in quick determination of
value, increase effectiveness, and reduce waste.
* Translate advanced technological designs into small work units (stories/tasks)

* Understand and help develop advanced technological systems that provide
cross-stack and cross-stream solutions to existing requirements and problems.
* Consistently demonstrate sense of responsibility for the outcome of team
* Makes and honors personal commitments. Makes and honors commitments to
share responsibilities with others.
* Helps others both accept responsibilities and find opportunities to learn new
* Sees others' problems as opportunity to help. The team is confident they can
extend them trust for most, if not all, team scope level areas.
* Display courage to tell the truth: Seek out opportunities to give team members
honest feedback. Form habits to ask for more specific feedback. Listens to
feedback and challenge themselves with improvement.
Demonstrable Passions and Behaviors:
* Actively applies a deep understanding of:
o The differences between right, wrong and BEST
o The realization, while they must highly contribute themselves, that good
relationships with others are necessary even to accomplish their own
interests and needs
o Their own coachability to seek mentoring opportunities for their
competencies and coaching craftsmanship and leadership behaviors
o Their ability to positively influence their team and peers.
* Demonstrable confidence in their craftsmanship across multiple competencies of
the Software craft
o Python, Django, PostgreSQL, microservice architectures
o JavaScript, Node.js, React.js
* Knowledge and interest across other Engineering crafts (Data, Infrastructure,
o AWS, Aptible, Docker
o ETL and Reporting architectures and tools
* Aptitude and attitude for continuing to increase craftsmanship in competencies
across multiple Engineering crafts.