Data Architect in Melbourne at Vaco

Date Posted: 9/4/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Data Architect
Melbourne, FL
Full-Time with Benefits

We're in search of a Data Architect who is a master builder of data architecture, from development to implementation-and you know how to meet the needs of the various departments who depend on your innovation. You'll be an important part of our database development cycle, supporting the design team and working in conjunction with the development team to bring database projects to completion. You're solutions-oriented while being skilled at translating functional specifications that can affect data guidelines, and on the lookout for ways to connect our database projects to enterprise-level systems. As a Data Architect, you will also know how to assess systems to identify any potential issues or opportunities for improvement, and ensuring the final product meets the design team's projections. Plus, you're good at project management and keeping related departments in the loop on the process, while maintaining solid focus on the end goal.

Data Architect Responsibilities:
Build, design, integrate and implement data warehouse systems in accordance with company policy, providing design and programming architectures for code.
Work in conjunction with design and development teams through the lifecycle of database projects, contributing as needed.
Addressing current company needs and implementing into projects as required.
Asses current data architecture and identify opportunities for growth and improvement, communicating those needs to relevant departments.
Troubleshooting issues and problems, offering solid solutions while communicating those issues to appropriate departments.
Identifying business impact, strategies and needs related to data infrastructure, then executing appropriate plans to accomplish associated goals.
Lead a growing team of database developers.
Stay current with industry standards and advancements, making recommendations on upgrades and changes as needed.
Continuous monitoring of project scope, including budget development and managing timelines.
Communicating project needs to appropriate departments, ensuring those needs are met.
Mentor and train junior team members as needed.


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