Information Security Analyst in Jupiter at Vaco

Date Posted: 3/19/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Information Security Analyst
Jupiter, FL

Seeking an Information Security Career with passion to protect against data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents?

We have a great position in the healthcare industry as a Information Security Analyst that will challenge your knowledge and abilities to help comply to protect medical data from ransomware attacks, EHR system breaches, and IoT medical device attacks.


As Information Security Analyst, you will protect and ensure data integrity, how data is shared, availability, and confidentiality of company network assets. A large part of your role will be implementing best practices through your experience, research, and education to ensure the protection agaist cybersecurity risks. You will need to implement security controls, policies, procedures, and processes to ensure the quality of your information security plan. Additionally, you will act to use security procedures you rollout to lead by example. In cybersecurity, you must keep up with current market risks and threats to be proactive in your information security plan.

Technical work ahead would include forensic analysis of data to apply to cybersecurity including learning new evidence to develop data points to predict a sequence of cyberattack events by understanding how attacks are made(where, by whom, and how).

Write Powershell scripts to gain access to enterprise devices and Windows desktop machines and create Python scripts to develop new tools to investigation, automation, and deep analysis.