Java Developer in Raleigh, NC at Vaco

Date Posted: 10/16/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

We are seeking a Java Web Developer in Raleigh who will develop web-based business applications and support our existing Web applications.

Candidates must be local and available for W-2 contract with the goal of a permanent placement.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Product called ed2go - docking stack - legacy stack on Java - Hippo is a Java product
  • Disengage the vendors and understand the CMS and what products need to be added
  • Need to add 2 more Java heads on the CMS part and integrate with the Hippo CMS
  • Core java - front and back end - full stack - MySQL / sql server - still not 100% on tech stack
  • Sql server - mongo db or Cassandra
  • Want to go fast with one and then add one more after the one person gets up to speed - because they have been working with this vendor for 10 years;
  • Needs to meet with architect tomorrow so this urgent
  • Meeting that happened they are spending a lot of money and should have cost a lot less
  • This is a basic feature creating API's - could hire a campus grad or do they need to hire an experienced java developer
  • Need to be onsite everyday 40 hours a week
  • Team size is already exists - in Manila and San Diego / 8 people - must interact with 8 people; built on .NET so have that team and interacting with them
  • Deployment - legacy product - he was hired to organize - git and bitbucket - end goal id CI/CD and more automation - cloud native architect
  • More QA automation
  • Duration - 4 months to start with and then go from there - would want to be able to convert them because it will be long term
  • There is a new contract recruiter - so need to open with her
  • Interview process - He will talk with them and then have a Java person talk with local - in person on the same day
  • Will give us an exclusive - PAM is the new recruiter - 4 contract vendors but has not reached out to them
  • Will pull the trigger on the first candidate
  • Trying to build an upbeat culture - networking and interaction
  • Skills vertical is this main focus
  • Will give us quick feedback - that day within hours
  • Product is Indigo that is on the .NET stack. It is a legacy product and they have been with .NET historically but one piece is in Java.
  • Hippo CMS and Java, they have one internal resource doing the work right now.
  • Need to add two more Java people. They are building features for the CMS
  • Core Enterprise.
  • MySQL/SQL Server currently. Might move to Mongo or Cassandra
  • Need help modernizing deployment
  • Bitbucket, Jenkins, CI/CD and then moving to the cloud towards the end of the year