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Senior Java Developer in Seattle, WA at Vaco

Date Posted: 10/1/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Here's who we're looking for:

You're the type of person who thrives on taking care of things the right way the first time. You excel at taking a project from scoping requirements to design, coding and actual launch of the project. When you notice a bug or an issue, you take it upon yourself to investigate and come up with an efficient and scalable solution. When you say "I'll take care of it" we know it'll be done well. You love working with open source technologies and have experience with technologies & frameworks like Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JMS, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Mysql, Docker and Kubernetes but you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in to PL/SQL to integrate with Oracle products as needed. You are able to clearly articulate what building cloud native applications entails and have experience using at least one of the three major cloud platforms. (AWS, Azure, GCP). You are passionate about the virtues of writing SOLID code and can passionately explain the difference between Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development to a junior developer. You have a strong desire to automate everything. You hate hearing the words "It has always been done this way" and are curious about why things are done the way they are today. You like contributing to open source projects and believe that reading other people's code widens your perspective and skillset. You have your stylistic preferences when it comes to code but understand the discipline it takes to keep the source code maintainable. You love troubleshooting issues and know what it takes to get that code you wrote to Production if the Zombie apocalypse hits and the rest of the team is unavailable.

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you
would have done last week:
● Built the new APIs required for Transfers and Inventory Adjustment.
● Created Behavior Driven Tests for the Transfer Orchestrator API.
● Refactored the Transfer Orchestrator module to use the decorator pattern. It also now supports a
fluent API.
● Provided estimates for the new Order Management System.
● Worked with the Warehouse Management Tech Support team to resolve the issue with the
transmission of shipment data.
● Migrated queuing from Oracle Retail Integration Bus to Kafka for the new publisher and
● Researched rule engines and recommended the approach for the new Inventory adjustments API
● Attended the storyboarding session for the new Invoicing workflow that will speed up the
Accounts Payable process.
● Provided knowledge transfer to support teams on the requirements for the new Cross Instance
Transfer workflow.
● Helped the new developers get setup with their Behavior Driven Tests.
● Worked with the DevOps and Platform team to troubleshoot the issue of missing log data in the
ElasticSearch cluster.
● Worked on a proof of concept implementation utilizing the Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Spanner Database.
● Updated hours spent working on various cards in JIRA and closed out your cards for the sprint.
● Provided the update on the status of the current sprint to Stakeholders based on the Sprint Burndown chart in JIRA.
● Conducted a brown bag session for the team on using Vagrant VMs as Dev Sandboxes.

Here are some other things you might do:
● Handle any bugs escalated by support and product management teams.
● Attend Incident Resolution Team calls as applies to incidents involving the Inventory
Management team and participate in Root Cause Analysis and related share outs.
● Travel to our LA/Chicago offices and/or store locations for design sessions and product rollouts.
● Provide on-call support and utilize Pager Duty for creating and updating support schedules.
● Fill in on some basic support tasks if the team is shorthanded.


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