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Senior Project Engineer - Pavement in Scottsdale at Vaco

Date Posted: 10/11/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Senior Project Engineer - Job Description
We're a growing pavement analysis company with operations across North America. For more
than 30 years, we have used high-tech equipment to scan streets, sidewalks, and other
road-related assets for city and county governments.
We are looking for extremely talented, growth-oriented individuals to join our team of expert
engineers to help us serve our clients across North America. Our engineering team works with
the data that our field crews collect while assessing roads, sidewalks, and other right-of-way
assets. After it arrives, we process the data and then begin analyzing it to help determine the
best possible pavement management plan and budget for our clients. This requires a
combination of technical skill and engineering judgement as we craft solutions for our clients.
A Senior Project Engineer would conduct high-level pavement analysis, create budget
planning strategies in a variety of software environments, and ensure the quality of the
reports and suggestions we give to clients at the conclusion of a project.

Candidate Competencies

  • Successful applicants will demonstrate the following characteristics:
  • Grit and Initiative: Willing to do whatever it takes to overcome challenges and
  • obstacles. Can think of creative solutions to problems that appear to have none.
  • Clear Communication: Able to clearly and concisely communicate complicated ideas
  • to clients, non-engineers, and other members of the team by phone, email, and
  • in-person.
  • Willingness to Learn: Does not feel the pressure to know the answer to every
  • question, but can apply robust thinking and an inquisitive attitude to learn what is
  • necessary.
  • Grace Under Pressure: Can prioritize decisions and activities for maximum impact
  • even in the midst of stress and distraction.
Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct quality assurance checks on data processing work to ensure high quality
  • data.
  • Analyze processed data in order to ascertain pavement health and determine a
  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI) value.
  • Build data-based prioritized budget plans for 5-year maintenance spending.
  • Utilize third-party software applications to build out pavement maintenance models
  • and budget forecasts.
  • Guide projects to completion by coordinating with sales reps, data technicians, GIS
  • professionals, and other members of the team.
  • Consult with clients to help them understand their options and why a particular path
  • is ideal given their preferences and restrictions.
Job Activities:

  • Working as part of a project team, project engineers must be able to process and
  • analyze large volumes of field collect data, GPS coordinate information and digital
  • images.
  • Use deductive reasoning and diagnostic analysis to understand and correct
  • data-related inconsistencies or errors.
  • Use photos, laser data, and rating data to quality-assess the outcomes of data
  • processing.
  • Use software programs to create actionable and defensible 5-year budget plans for
  • our clients.
  • Consult with clients to help them assess the overall condition of their road networks
  • and work with them to build a financially sound rehab plan for the future based on
  • your findings.
  • Keep an overview of project status and correspond with marketing professionals and
  • other engineering team members to ensure successful completion.
  • Communicating with field staff as part of diagnostic checks and to help determine
  • when additional field work is required.
  • Review final reports and deliverables to ensure high quality outcomes for our clients.
  • Make presentations to clients and city councils by webex and in person occasionally.
  • Participate in the development and evaluation of new technology and services.
Requirements / Preferences:

  • 5-15 years of experience in engineering roles, preferably pavement engineering.
  • Experience designing and engineering the construction of new roads.
  • Experience managing pavement maintenance and rehab plans.
  • Background in evaluating pavement performance and right of way assets.
  • Familiarity with Word, Excel, Access, SQL, and GIS/GPS.
  • Professional Engineer (PE) certification that is current and registered in at least one
  • state.
  • Undergraduate education in an engineering discipline, preferably civil engineering.
  • Candidate will be require to complete a drug screen and background check.

Benefits + Compensation:

  • Health, dental, and life insurance as well as Simple IRA with matching contributions.